Giving Thanks 2018!

Many may not know it, but the 2015 ROPP College Tour was inspired by a conversation with Leander Thompson, a current ROPP-ite at the time. He mentioned that he had decided to go to Texas State University, a college less than 50 miles away because it was the only university he was really familiar with.
Immediately, ROPP Director, Lisa Davis, began planning the tour that would introduce Leander to Tuskegee University, where he is now a Junior, majoring in Accounting. Because Tuskegee, AL is so far, Leander never came home for Thanksgiving, instead creating "struggle meals" with whichever remaining students were left behind for the holiday.
In 2018, ROPP-ites got together and decided to take Thanksgiving to Leander and include another church member, Yasmyne Fisher, who was enrolled at Clark Atlanta and also had to wait until Christmas to come back home. The visit was a huge success and the love and fellowship created memories that will last a lifetime! Here are some of the photos...
Annnnd, we're off!!!
Sis. Lisa, Sis. Deborah, Sis. LeBerta, Zuri, Sterlin and Skylour loaded up!

Yas joined us and the Metro crew is back together!

What's cooler than visiting the King Center in Atlanta?
Visiting it close to midnight and having the whole place to yourself!
Yasmyne was an amazing tour guide!
Thanksgiving morning, we were up early!
Sis. Deborah's Terrific Turkey and Delightful dressing, Sis. Lisa's Scrumptious Sweet Potatoes and Magnificent macaroni and cheese, Sis. Bert's Top Notch cheesy potatoes, Skylour's Belly-Pleasing Broccoli Casserole, Delicious Dinner Rolls,  Sterlin's  Special Surprise Punch...and cake!
And it was ALL good!

The last breakfast before leaving Georgia.

Everything must come to an end. Saturday morning, we said goodbye to Yasmyne and headed back to Tuskegee to drop Leander off...

Checking out Leander's apartment as we dropped him off.

I'm not're crying!
Bye, Leander. See you soon...

Power Tour 2016

ROPP is grateful for the chance to visit the vibrant island nation of Jamaica, the very week it celebrated its 54th year of independence! Power Tour 2016 was a success and we are thankful to all who helped make it happen!

Here are a few photos:

The lovely Silver Sands beach

 Breakfast is served!

The youth made hand fans as a gift to the members of St. Johns AME church.

Sis. Lisa and Sis. Yolanda stroll back to the villa from the beach.

One of the many bustling marketplaces we saw.

The "actual size" Bob Marley statue in front of his former home that is now a museum.

 Walking to the ice cream shop in Palmers Cross, Clarendon, Jamaica.

 Rev. Dixon, our companion, tour guide, chaperone and new friend!

A popular island delicacy: the beef patty!

Standing in the front yard of one of our host family's homes.

 Completing a fun beach ritual: burying one of our own!

 We're here! In Kingston at the Bob Marley museum.

 Sis. Yolanda and Sis. LeBerta soaking up the sun and surroundings.

A youth meeting was held after church

Generosity- A Great Idea! Check it Out

Please share this link with anyone who might be moved to support our effort to travel to Jamaica!

Click Here to Donate to Power Tour 2016!!

Let's help our fundraiser GROW!!

Clothing Drive #1: DONE!

ROPP-ites had a great time hustling and fellowshipping at our first "Let it Go!" Clothing and Household donation drive. We had a goal of 1000 lbs in donations. We collected 970 lbs. Almost there! Special thanks to the great folks at SAVERS who offer this awesome fundraising opportunity, and do such great work in the community.
We have a goal of 2000 lbs for the next drive, April 3, 2016. Tell your family and friends to gather their gently used items so we can have an even better turnout next time!
#ROPPnRoll  #JamaicaBound

Yeah Mon! ROPP is Rolling to Jamaica!

The ROPP Power Tour 2016 will be a 7-day visit to Jamaica, a lovely tropical island in the Caribbean West Indies. Travelers will experience a blend of recreation and personal development that promises to make a lifelong impact! Students will be assigned challenges that will enhance their research and communications skills and they will perform domestic tasks in and around the property at which they are staying. In addition to educational and life skill development, travelers will participate in various sightseeing and recreational activities. Travelers under 21 years old will be closely supervised at ALL times. Contact us to make a donation to this exciting undertaking today!

ROPPing and Rolling on the 2015 College Tour!

Six high school students were selected to participate in a 5-state college tour in June 2015.
Tour participants were treated to a mix of student-led and self-guided tours at a variety of colleges and universities in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. In addition to the college visits, they enjoyed down-home cooking and sightseeing in Alabama!

First things first: Make that money! ROPP-ites invested some time and sweat through fundraisers.
Selling popcorn at the Erwin Center and chicken wings at church paid off in the end!

All packed up and ready to go!!! The ROPP-ites prepare to depart bright and early June 15th!

Guess who's coming to dinner? ROPP-ites just before their dinner meeting hosted by Durstcrew, LLC. They looked so nice! The chaperones cleaned up pretty well, too! :)
ROPP-ites with special guests, Victor Glover, NASA, Anthony Samuel, ExxonMobil and Marc Nieto,

2nd State Down! 3 to Go! The Lousiana State Line.

We didn't have a guided tour scheduled at Southern, but we did swing by the campus.
The representatives in the Admissions office shared lots of great material on study habits, time management and other helpful topics and invited us to come back.

LSU got 3 new fans! The guided tour was great and the kids picked up lots of swag!

In New Orleans, a student guide led us around the beautiful Dillard University campus after hours!!!
We are grateful for the hospitality and attention they gave us!

ROPP-ites chill after a long, hot day in the gorgeous colored pool at our hotel. Our rooms overlooked the French Quarter and we loved it!

3 states down! 2 to Go! Mississippi State Line.

We loved the Tuskegee campus so much, we revisited on our way back!! Salute to Booker T 'nem!

FINALLY made it to Georgia!!! Georgia State Line.

Morehouse Men for a day!

Sis. Lisa INSISTED on visiting Spelman College, her #1 choice that she never got to attend. 

One of the last stops was at the Dexter Baptist Church parsonage in Montgomery, Alabama. No pictures allowed inside, but many of the furnishings were the same as those used by Dr. Martin Luther King and his new bride, Coretta Scott King when they moved in.