2012-2013 ROPP Calendar

Below is a tentative ROPP calendar for 2012-2013.
Not reflected on the calendar are three major events that are currently in planning stages:
- Robotics Workshop at UT Arlington
- Quiz Bowl (Fundraiser)
- Basketball Tournament (in conjunction with YPD)


August 2012         
19- ROPP Participant Orientation (Pastor, ROPP Team, Parents, 
               Participants, BFF, Mentors, Interested Persons)- 1:00 PM
30- ROPP Team Mtg

September 2012- Religion/ Spirituality           
1- Core Area Event  8:00AM- 2:00PM
17- ROPP Team Meeting-  6PM     
October 2012- Academic Planning           
6- Core Area Event (Participants)- 8:30AM- 12:30PM
22- ROPP Team Meeting (Pastor, ROPP Leadership, Mentors)-  6PM
November 2012- Sexual Health           
3- Core Area Event  (Participants)-  8:30AM- 12:30PM
11- Quiz Bowl Practice Session- 2:00
17- 2012 ROPP Quiz Bowl!- 4:00 (Candidates arrive at 2:00 PM)
19- ROPP Team Meeting (ROPP Leadership Only)-  6PM 
December 2012- Hygiene/ Etiquette/ Barbering           
1- Core Area Event (Participants)- 8:30AM-12:30PM
10- ROPP Team Meeting (ROPP Team)-  12:30 (After Church)
15- An Evening Out (ALL ROPP Participants)

January 2013- Automotive Care
5- Core Area Event (Participants)- 8:30AM- 12:30PM
21- ROPP Team Mtg- 6PM

February 2013- Black History
2- Core Area Event (Participants)- 8:30-12:30PM
9- An Evening Out (ALL ROPP Participants)
18- ROPP Team Meeting (ROPP Leadership, Mentors, Finale Volunteers)- 6PM
March 2013- Program Wrap-Up           
2- Last Day for Make-up Challenges (with Approval)
18- ROPP Team Meeting (ROPP Leadership, Mentors, Finale Volunteers)- 6PM

April 2013-Closure/ Finale Prep
1- ROPP Meeting (ROPP Team, Finale Volunteers)- 1PM

May 2013
         18-19- Graduation Weekend

ROPP 2012-2013 Is HERE!

The ROPP Leadership Team for 2012-2013 is in place and the candidates have been selected.
We are ready for God to bless us with another strong year of bonding, learning and growth!

ROPP Leadership Team:

Rev. N. Jordan Mkwanazi- Pastor
Sis. Lisa Grant Davis- Director
Bro. Dr. Eric McDaniel- Consultant
Sis. Yolanda Gary Fisher- Administrative Coordinator/ Financial Secretary
Sis. Deborah Franklin- Youth/ YPD Liaison
Bro. Gerald Rowland- Character Development Mentor
Bro. Anthony Johnson- Outdoor Skill Development Mentor

2012-2013 ROPP Candidates:

Gabriel Eliacin

Davonte Lawson

DaJour Richmond

Devoreaux Shoaf