Brother to Brother

The January Core Focus Meeting was primarily about goal setting and taking a good look at how our decisions affect the lives we have. Eric Brown sat down with the ROPP Candidates and spent the morning listening to the candidates and sharing valuable information he has gained through his personal, educational, military and professional experience.

January Core Focus Challenge:
  • Identify one personal goal you have for yourself.
  • Write an essay, at least one full page length about this goal. Be sure to include the following:
    • Why this goal is important to achieve (1 full paragraph minimum)
    • What obstacles you may face in achieving this goal, and how you can plan to overcome them (1 full paragraph minimum)
    • What other individuals may be able to help you reach this goal?
    • How will you celebrate achieving this goal?
  • Be sure to create a cover page with your name, date, and a title for your essay
  • Essay is to be created in MS Word, with no larger than 12 pt font, and no greater than 1.5 line space
  • Due date: January 31, 2013, 11:59 PM