We Are Black History!

Black History was the ROPP Core Focus for February. Although we had to postpone the originally scheduled Black History exhibit, we rescheduled it for the last Sunday of the month--and it was worth the wait!

Several LONG-standing Metropolitan members displayed their historical artifacts and ROPP candidates as well as church members got to learn even more about our rich history! Sis. Joyce Jordan shared her family's collected church directories and publications that chronicled Metropolitan's origins in West Austin, founding of Paul Quinn college and current facility. Sis. Ada Harden had a vast array of photographs of Metropolitan members over the years, as well as her visits with accomplished performers and celebrities. Rev. Floyd Baker displayed his precious periodical and photograph collection of his family and personal history. The Honorable Judge Scott shared photos and newspaper clippings that depicted his campaign and tenure as the first black county judge, which has led to a precint facility named in his honor. Bro. Gerald Rowland presented an extensive collection of African and Black American cultural artifacts that vividly depicted our journey from the Motherland to our present day struggles and victories here in America.

Following the presentations, the ROPP family and guests sat down to enjoy a family style meal of fried chicken, collard greens, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, ice cold drinks, peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

We cannot take these opportunities and privileges for granted. We honor our foreparents for the struggles they endured to make them possible.

Spring is Here! Garden Time

ROPP Candidates De'Voreaux and DaJour joined Caitlin and Nathan for February's Community Garden event. Nathan helped them mulch and prep four garden beds and showed them how the irrigation hoses are set up. Caitlin brought out an assortment of seeds and helped guide them through a planting design.

Devoreaux planted lettuce and Cilantro. DaJour planted collard greens, carrots and snap peas! We can't wait to see them grow!

Bro. Anthony made a lot of progress in clearing the chicken coop and stocking up the compost!

DaJour's little brother and sister entertained themselves in the chicken coop and in the playscape being built!

It was a great day for gardening!

Sis. Lisa went by the garden on Sunday, 3/17, and saw that the harvest has begun!
Can you identify the crops?