JANUARY Core Focus: Car Care and Interior Design

January's Core Focus Day was a bit complicated, for a few reasons!
First of all, the day was split between two core focus areas, rather than the usual one.
Secondly, our schedule was altered to accommodate the homegoing celebration of one of Metropolitan's long- time members.

The day began with an interior design presentation by Ms. Angela Cooks of San Antonio. She spoke to the candidates about basic design concepts, such as balance, color/ mood, budgeting and materials.
Candidates were given color wheels to see how colors complement each other and they each selected color swatches that appealed to them.
After the interior design workshop, the candidates were led in a basic car care workshop by the male mentors, Bro. Ken, Bro. Olden and Bro. Anthony. They got a chance to compare the engine design of various types of vehicles. Several demonstrations were given, including how to change a flat tire, how to measure tire pressure and even the effects of Coca-Cola on battery acid build up!

A. Interior Design
- Choose an area of your home that you would like to modify.
  Identify at least two of the following design elements you will address:  
  • Unity/ Harmony- considering how one space blends with adjoining spaces
  • Balance- use of symmetry, asymmetry; distribution of visual weight
  • Focal Point- properly attracting attention in a space
  • Color Schemes- the psychological value of color; creating mood with color
Using a video recording device, create a 3-5 minute video that includes the "before" design of the area/room, you in the process of making the change, any materials you use, and the "after" design.
Be sure your parents/ guardians are aware of the changes you are making and approve BEFORE you begin.

Note: The change does not have to be drastic nor one that costs any money (paint, decorations, etc)! That is optional. The point is simply to demonstrate that you understand how each of these elements impacts the design of a space.

B. Car Maintenance
- Record the tire pressure for all four tires on a vehicle and indicate if they are properly inflated (Yes/ No)
- Research how to identify the oil dipstick on your family vehicle.
  Shortly after the motor has run for at least 5 minutes, have someone videotape you removing the
  dipstick and observing the condition of the oil. Speaking to the camera, answer the following questions:
        1) Does the oil look clean or dirty?
        2) Is the oil level full or low?
        3) What type of oil does this vehicle use? (if the information is available)

Submit your video to youtube.com and email the link before midnight, 1/31/12.
If you don't know how, ask one of the other candidates for assistance.

Good luck and have fun!