February Core Focus: Black History

The ROPP Core Focus for February is Black History.
On Core Focus Day, ROPP Candidates got an exclusive peek at the history of several of Metropolitan's long-standing families. Candidates held one-on-one conversations with senior Metropolitan members, and discussed significant events in their lives and that of the church.
Judge Richard Scott shared what it was like to campaign, be elected and serve as the first Black judge in Travis County. Sis. Ada Harden shared many of the photos and memorabilia she's collected throughout her artistic and civic endeavors. Bro. Gerald Rowland and Bro. Olden Jordan shared stories about their military service and spiritual growth. Sis. Carrie Henderson and Sis. Janie Henderson created an impressive exhibit that featured several elaborate quilts, family photographs and teaching tools from many decades ago. The ROPP candidates eagerly soaked up their rich history and were proud to be affiliated with such distinguished people!

After the Black History exhibit, the ROPP family was joined by Sr. Pastor Mkwanazi for a soul food lunch in the fellowship hall: Fried chicken, sweet potatoes, green peas, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and sweet tea!

This Sunday, ROPP candidates will share the words of prolific African Americans during morning worship. Come listen, be inspired and support this awesome group of young ladies and gentlemen!