Doesn't take Long

This morning, ROPP Candidate Jabari and his mother, Sis. Lisa, headed over to the community garden.
Here are some pictures and a testimony of how much of a difference we can make in a short period of time!

This is part of the row Sis. Lisa tackled. There was hardly any viable plant life on the row. It was overtaken by weeds and needed to be prepared for fall planting.

This row of tomato plants took a beating in the brutal heat and needed to removed so that new plants could be sown there.

And so, Jabari gets busy. He decided today's contribution will be clearing "tomato row" of all the dead tomato plants and as many weeds as possible. He was able to put much of his grandfather's gardening advice to work: 1) Your hands work better than hand tools for weeding. 2) Be sure to pull the root completely out or it'll just come right back. 3) Stomp the pulled weeds flat and spread them to create a foot path.

Voila! The weedy row is looking much better. Mother Nature said "thank you" for helping her "represent" well. =)

A side view of a cleared out "tomato row." Nice work. The vines Jabari left on the posts bear a lovely lavender blossom that make the garden pretty.

Finally! Well-earned rest. Jabari admitted he was reluctant to go work in the garden, but said afterwards that "it felt good, like working in my own back yard. I was relaxed."

What has your experience been like? Send us your pics when you work in the garden or do community service. We learn from each others' experiences! Send pics to:!

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