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September's Core Focus Day was an enlightening cruise through the halls of academia. ROPP candidates visited two local universities, UT and HT, and received first-hand "real talk" about what it's like to transition into college life at both campuses. Over and over, they heard that they will be required to do a lot of reading!
Challenges will be managing their own time and developing good study habits-all while being sure to take advantage of the full social life waiting for them.

The gentlemen from Huston-Tillotson University, Bro. Dr. Eric's A Phi A fraternity brothers, represent the chapter with the highest GPA in the region! They each had amazing stories to tell about their humble beginnings and how they have been able to meet personal challenges and failures. Despite coming from crime-ridden environments where failure is common, dyslexia, slow academic progress and other challenges, all of the brothers will be graduating with honors this year!

The ladies from The University of Texas at Austin were distinguished Delta Sigma Theta sorors. They, too, shared how they simply had to dig inside to find the strength and determination to success against their challenges. One young lady went to a very poor school, with gangs and high drop-out rates, that was constantly under threat of closure and loss of accreditation. She perservered and studied hard and was still well-prepared for her first year of college. Another thought she was prepared since she took AP courses in school, but found herself completely unprepared to study properly and manage her time. After struggling her first two years, she stands ready to graduate this spring with a 3.2 GPA.

Special thanks to Bro. Dr. Eric for facilitating September's Core Focus Day! It was awesome!

September's Core Focus Challenge requires ROPP candidates to explore two different approaches to higher education pursuits. Here is the link to the Core Focus Challenge:  SEPT CORE FOCUS CHALLENGE, which the candidates received earlier this month. As always, it is due by midnight on the last day of the month!

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