December Core Focus Challenge- 2011

December's Core Focus is dating/ dining etiquette. The core focus challenge has two parts:

1) Write a brief, accurate definition of each word below. If the word has multiple meanings, use the one that best relates to this month's core focus. Use each word in a sentence that demonstrates you understand how it should be used as related to this month's core focus.
Note: Some online dictionaries also have a feature that allow you to hear how a word is pronounced! =)
1. a la carte
2. al dente
3. baste
4. bon appetite
5. chivalry
6. condiment
7. courteous
8. cuisine
9. entrée’
10. epicure
11. etiquette
12. filet
13. fillet
14. garnish
15. gentleman
16. gourmet
17. gratuity
18. hors d’oeuvres
19. lady
20. maître d’
21. palate
22. prix fixe
23. refined
24. RSVP
25. uncouth

2) Invite an escort to join you for ROPP Nite Out. The escort should be a young lady/ gentleman that is considered to carry themselves in a respectable manner. During the evening you will be observed for how well you demonstrate the fine dining skills you were taught. Areas that will be evaluated:
- Dress code adherence (sent in an email)
- Demeanor (no horseplay or excessive silliness)
- Conversation (appropriate subjects, volume)
- Table Etiquette (use of utensils, napkins, chewing, etc)
- Manners (chivalry, "Please", "Thank you", etc)
- Balance (have fun too!)

ROPP Night Out is co-sponsored by The Galaxy Cafe. They have agreed to create a fine dining atmosphere just for us! Please visit them when you can and pass on appreciation for supporting our organization!

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