What a year it has been!
The last couple of months have been consumed with adjusting to major changes in the life of our church and end-of-year activities, but the 2011-2012 year has been an awesome and exciting year for all us ROPP-ites!

Hey, do you remember:
- Visiting the mosque and the Catholic church?
- Memorizing our own Apostle's Creed?
- Hearing the real deal about college life at UT and HT?
- Talking about sexual health and dealing with our sexual decisions at the Ballage's?
- The ROPP Quiz Bowl?
- Watching The Pact?
- Planting seeds in the Blackshear Community Garden?
- Learning about dining and dating etiquette from Sis. Lindsey?
- Ridin' in the limo to Galaxy Cafe?
- Learning about basic car care from the ROPP men?
- The interior design workshop from Ms. Cooks from San Antonio?
- Memorizing your Black History Speech? Reciting your Black History speech?
- Hanging out with your mentor(s)?
- Completing your ROPP Challenges?

Well, all this and more was part of a great first year for ROPP! You have set the bar high for what an organization of young men and women can do when they work together and show true dedication. I am so very proud of you! Let's see if ROPP II can hang.. =D

As we prepare for graduation, let us continue with the same spirit of excellence!
Prepare your reflection boards for display on Graduation Sunday. However you want your board to reflect your ROPP experience is fine. Bold colors are suggested. Your name should stand out boldly.
Ms. Yolanda has most of the photographs on this blog printed. Just get with her if there are some you'd like to use!

Graduation Weekend:

5/19- ROPP Graduation Saturday, 8-3
5/20- ROPP Graduation Sunday, 10AM Worship- Wear your ROPP shirt, khaki bottoms, black shoes

Invite your family and friends to join us for cake and punch after church!

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