We Park Hard for the Money!

Sunday, October 7th, ROPP candidates took advantage of a fundraising opportunity. They assisted attendees of the Jamaica! festival/ carnival being held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church down the street with parking safely in our lot for a donation. In the middle of a warm season, the temperature dropped dramatically, but our loyalty and commitment held firm. We put on our jackets, drank our hot chocolate and warmed each other with smiles and fellowship! Rev. Baker surprised us with a special spiced tea and chicken salad sandwiches. The monies raised will help fund the reception for the quiz bowl, out major Fall fundraiser!
Not pictured: Candidate Davonte, who was a great help before he had to leave. Candidate Gabriel and Candidate DaJour's mothers hung in there with us, offering food and running to get change for us when we needed it. That's how we ROPP and Roll: together!

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