Life and Death Flashed Before Our Eyes!

Another core focus in February was the life and death cycle.
ROPP Candidates participated in the Seton Hospital Mock surgery tour, where they got to learn about many of the medical services offered at the hospital and practice basic procedures, like tying a tourniquet and giving stitches. Candidates were also reminded of the risk too much sugar and fat in our diet with a hands-on experiment in which they had to guess how much was in common foods and beverages.

After learning about the many ways to preserve and protect life, ROPP Candidates visited King-Tears mortuary, one of Austin's premier funeral homes for over 100 years. They were shown around the "front of the house" and learned how human bodies are prepared for burial. They even learned that morticians have signature "stitiching" in which they take great pride. Many details about the process families go through and the memorial choices they have were shared. ROPP candidates witnessed both the empty "viewing" rooms and a room with an elderly deceased lady awaiting visitors.

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