Put Your Peace Sign Up!- ROPP Goes to See Lecrae

Continuing with the April theme of Hip Hop history, ROPP Candidates went to the Lecrae/ Skillet/ Toby Mac tour at the Austin 360 Amphitheater on May 1st. It wasn't quite the same without ROPP Candidate Tiffany, but ROPP Candidate Zuri brought a classmate and at least there was the traditional four-pack! After all sorts of stops and starts, we proved that together we can beat all odds! We made it to the 360 before Tedashii, Lecrae's opening act even started!

We didn't know what to expect from our seats on the lawn, but with perfect weather, a clear view of the stage and plenty of room to stretch out...they were perfect!

From broad daylight...

Through dusk...        (Check out Leander Rocking out to Christian rock band, Skillet!)

And on into the night, we ROPP'd and Rolled...with Tedashii, Lecrae and Skillet!

 Thanks to Sterlin being hooked on Maui Wowi smoothies, we had to kill time at the exit gate because drinks couldn't leave the area. So, we just took more pictures!

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