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So, what exactly is a Rites of Passage Program and why do we need one at Metropolitan?

Well, I've come to learn and appreciate that Rites of Passage Programs (ROPP) come in a wide range of forms and structures and have varying objectives. The concept originated in many African cultures, in which young men and women were separated from  their communities for a period of time to be taught important concepts that would enable them to be productive and active members of their societies. At the end of the seclusion period, a grand ceremony was held to acknowledge their journey, bid their childhood goodbye and welcome them as fully participating members of the community with a voice.

Despite all the differences, one thing most ROPPs believe in common is the recognition that preparation is needed when one is transitioning from one phase of life into another. With all of the emotional, physical, academic and social stressors that accompany moving from adolescence into adulthood, it is appropriate that the seasoned elders of the church body create a blueprint for those coming behind desiring to build a productive life.

At Metropolitan, our ROPP is an intense, intentional and intergenerational skill development program with a holistic approach to the healthy development of our youth.

Why Do We Need a Rites of Passage Program?

So many factors contribute to the need for such a program! They include, but are not limited to: the natural requirement for guidance into adulthood, a high rate of fatherlessness, an increasingly disconnected community and unhealthy influences on young minds.

Because we have so much at stake in the proper development of our young men and women, we aim to commit a year of targeted development in key areas to each ROPP participate and eagerly await the day they say, "It was challenging, but I'm glad I did it!"

There are many untapped resources in the body of Metropolitan that we should and intend to utilize as an investment in the lives of our young people and the health of the church. Building intimate, trustworthy relationships between the generations secures the church's continuity and strength for the future.

Follow this blog for critical ROPP information. Key dates, participant and volunteer blog entries will keep you up to speed to the wonderful things God is doing with the resources at Metropolitan, The Fountain of Praise!


Sis. Lisa
Director, ROPP

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