The ROPP Leadership Team!

We are growing and going!
We thank God for the willing hearts of these participants. Will you please take a moment and pray for them? Pray that their contributions into the lives of ROPP participants will be magnified and Jesus' name!


Rev. N. Jordan Mkwanazi
Email Pastor Mkwanazi

ROPP Director
Sis. Lisa Grant Davis
Email Sis. Lisa

ROPP Advisor/ Consultant
Bro. Dr. Eric McDaniel
Email Bro. Dr. Eric

ROPP Administrative Coordinator
Sis. Yolanda Gary Fisher
Email Sis. Yolanda

ROPP Consultant/ YPD Liaison
Sis. Deborah Franklin
Email Sis. Deborah

2011-2012 ROPP MENTORS:

Sis. Constance Kennedy  Email Sis. Constance
Bro. Milton Howard  Email Bro. Milton
Sis. Cynthia Harry  Email Sis. Cynthia
Bro. Anthony Johnson Email Bro. Anthony
Sis. LeBerta Ballage Email Sis. LeBerta
Bro. Ken Ballage Email Bro. Ken
Sis. Joyce Jordan  Email Sis. Joyce
Bro. Olden Jordan Email Bro. Olden

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