Community Gardening- It's a ROPP Thang!

One of the principle objectives of the ROPP program is an appreciation for the process of growing our own food and developing a healthy relationship with nature.

Sis. Lisa took a snapshot of this water tank at a recent visit to the Blackshear Neighborhood Garden!

To that end, ROPP participants will be contributing to the community gardening efforts in East Austin.
The ROPP Leadership Team is in the process of partnering with the Blackshear Community Garden, located at 2011 E. 9th Street. A plan is being established that will enable ROPP participants to contribute to all phases of planting a garden, from deciding what should be planted, sowing the seeds, maintaining the garden and associated property and harvesting the produce. ROPP participants will work as a group as well as being assigned individual times to tend to the garden as part of meeting ROPP requirements.

Here is the link to the Blackshear Garden site:

Here's to a green thumb!

Sis. Lisa

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